Chico’s BEST is proud to donate proceeds from this product towards research and treatment for Beta-propeller Protein Associated Neurogeneration (BPAN), a rare neurological disease affecting Duet, the beautiful daughter of one of our owners.

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Duet – Dual Chamber Vape

Experience unprecedented personalization with Ispire’s groundbreaking Duet. This dual tank All-in-One device is transforming the industry, offering the power of choice with an innovative switch mechanism. Seamlessly transition between two 1/2 gram oil tanks, or blend both for a unique, customized experience.

At its core, the Duet is powered by the cutting-edge TerpTech heating system, designed to deliver rich, consistent vapor. With transparent oil windows, you’ll have clear visibility of levels in each tank, ensuring effortless monitoring. Infused with the latest Ispire ONE technology, the Duet is more than just a device—it’s the future. Offering the operational scaling benefits that could be considered light-years ahead of the competition, the Duet redefines the horizon of dual-flavor technology.

We have packaged two flavorful DUET pre-rolls in one box. Each has been infused with THC-A diamonds for extra strength. One Inspire and one Chill will have you covered night and day.

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